Your trustee companion during school exams


Taking exams or having a presentation in front of hundreds of people, or in front of you classmates only can be hard especially if you always forget when you are stressed out. Even if you studied or have memorized your piece the whole day and whole night yesterday, you just can’t seem to remember the answers when the day of the presentation or exams come. This is why some people would turn to cheating. but the traditional way of cheating would always fail because you can easily be get caught. One example of a traditional way of cheating is when you would write your answers in a piece of paper and hide it anywhere. But teachers are already aware of this and this could get you expelled.

If you want to make sure that you won’t be caught even if you are cheating, then a spy device is the perfect one for you. there are many forms of spy devices but almost all of them have this small earpiece where you can hear the answer through it. some would also have a wireless spy microphone in order for you to communicate with someone you know who will be giving you the answers through the earpiece that was previously mentioned. One very famous spy device is called a glasses earpiece and the name says it all.

Use glasses for you to conveniently cheat

The glasses spy set is the perfect device that you could ever use not only because you won’t be caught cheating, but you would look like you are smart even for once. It has a built-in microphone in the glasses itself which you can use when you are discreetly talking with your friend who is giving you the answers. There is a Bluetooth which you need to pair to your phone first because the glasses and the earpiece serve as the headphones.

Very easy to use. It’s not rocket science. 

The glasses set is very easy to set up and you don’t have to worry about that part because even a kid could set this up for you. first, you need to charge the spy glasses beforehand so that it would work the whole duration of your exam or until you’re done. Then connect or pair the Bluetooth of the glasses and your phone. Wear the earpiece then make or take the call to or from your friend or assistant. And you can start with the cheating now! No hassle, right?

The features of this super tool

The built in microphone of this incredible device is very sensitive that you don’t have to worry about not being heard by your friend on the other end. Also, the glasses have a very nice design which won’t let others take a second look at you unless it’s literally your first time wearing glasses in school, and it won’t damage your eyesight too. it is completely wireless which is a lot of help because cords and wires will just let your teacher think that you’re cheating right away especially if they are very strict.

This kind of spy set is the one that a lot of students have already been loving because it has helped them a lot when they are having tests, especially when it’s already exams week. No matter what kind of test that is, you will be having a perfect score of A+ right away!

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