Yoga: Is it the best form of exercise


Yoga is the most trusted exercise practiced from decades and has been touted by scientists as the gold standard in terms of the number of gold benefits it brings. It raises heart and breathing rates, provides more energy, improved mood, lower risk of heart disease and cancers, better sleep, better thinking, better sex and so on. But is it the ultimate form of exercise to give you best result?

Though the internet is flooded with options in terms of promotional material, still it is strong advised that you enrol for the best yoga classes in Mumbai as a tinge of professional help can work wonders to the practice of yoga.

Why yoga is the best among all other exercises?

Yoga has various health benefits which effectively reduce stress. It is more helpful than aerobic exercise. As yoga helps to improve balance, flexibility, strength, pain levels, menopausal symptoms, energy level, and other health parameters. It calms down the body by reducing disease condition and other health outcomes. There are some clear reasons for which one should practice yoga in a daily basis.

  • Those who do work out at gym everyday think it is useless to practice yoga and not gym. But in gym each part of body needs different work to show result. While yoga affects in all dots of your body to become flexible and maintain weight. There is no need to lift weight and give pain to your arm in gym. Yoga makes arm strong and engage your body by stabilizing it. Thus, it raises heartbeat, strengthen muscles and lengthen them all.
  • Those who have cardiac problem may get help from yoga by doing a few salutations or any flow at a good, steady pace and matching breadth with your movement.
  • Yoga is not a competitive sport like gym. In gym people thrive on trying to be the fastest in spin class or trying to run longer than the others. But in yoga it doesn’t matter what another one is doing. There is no competition and comparison with others in yoga.
  • Yoga also saves money as it doesn’t cost a peny to practice it. Rather in gym a proper dress and monthly charges are needed to practice. But yoga doesn’t need all these extra costings. You don’t even need a yoga mat to practice it, grass and carpet work just fine. And any dress which is comfortable for you can be worn. And there are plenty of yoga DVDs and YouTube videos available which will help you to practice your best moves at home. Thus, no equipment is needed, and it can be practiced anywhere as long as you desire.
  • Yoga not only changes your mind but also help you to lose weight. It changes the way how you approach life. You will automatically fill your body with best fuel rather processed junk food.

Thus, it is proved that yoga is the best form of exercise we have and can practice whenever we want to stay healthy. What most of the yoga centres in Mumbai feel that it is necessary to do yoga to improve the mind and the body. The breathing exercises do go on to provide a sense of calm and you are in a better space.

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