What To Consign And Not To Consign


Consignment stores are convenient markets for the stuff you no longer need in your home and they help you make some money. However, you may receive as much as you would by selling the stuff on your own since the retailer will split the profit between you and him. Selling at consignment saves you from marketing trouble and some good stores even pick your goods from your home.

Items that sell best

1.Designer clothing

Customers prefer unique styles when it comes to dressing. Vintage materials sell fast than typical designs. If you have men’s designer dress shirts that you bought but never get to wear them, these are the stuffs to consign. Slightly worn pieces are acceptable too and the price will depend on quality. Customers who visit consignment stores are looking for clothing they can’t afford from original stores but they also want good quality.


Comfortable couches and chairs are always in demand. However, you should avoid patterned upholstery like one with stripes and florals.

3.Dining sets

Modern dining tables and chairs sell well at consignment. Chairs go fast since most homeowners have to replace their broken sets.

Items that don’t sell well


Rugs are not worth much money and retailers seldom accept them. Cleaning used rugs is a demanding task let alone selling. If you think your rug is high-end, consider taking it to a rug supplier.

2.TV armoires

Due to advancement in technology, these items are no longer needed. They are too small for large contemporary TVs.


This is something that cannot sell because it is present in many market stores.

Before you decide to consign your items, you need to differentiate between what is acceptable and what is not. You must review your goods and compare them with the standard of consignment stores. You could be wasting your time preparing for things that a retailer might not even look at. It better off to donate designer clothing which could be priced at very low prices in consignment store.

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