TV Shows Online- Movie Streaming


A wise man once said that Movies constitute eighty percent of an Indian’s mind. The quote held true when there were not a lot of televisions around and there aren’t so many soap operas running. But in present times where an average Indian’s time is mostly spent on various TV shows, the word movies can be replaced with Reality TV shows and Serials. With the availability of most of this content online, now common populace is being able to access any content they wish at their own time. Let us explore what type of content do Indians watch the most and where it can be accessed.

TV Serials which have a huge following among the elderly consume the highest amount of time among other entertainment-related programs. The serials which used to be language restricted in the old times are now available to the populace from every region irrespective of their language. Keeping the profitability of the channels aside, most of the TV serials are now available in more than one languages enabling every community to watch it at the same time as every other. Even in the regional languages like Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam etc., a large number of people are addicted to serials and watch them without fail every day.

Youngsters who aren’t that attracted to the Saas-Bahu serials that the channels broadcast, are deliriously in love with the reality shows. This made the TV industry to make more and more reality shows based on different themes like singing, dancing, adventure, etc. Some examples of the shows that hold a high popularity among the Youth are Roadies, Splitsvilla, Bigg Boss, Super Singer, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, etc.

Among the 130-crore population in India, there are many people that don’t watch either of the above and stick to movies. Since the movie streaming has become more and more popular, many of the youngsters turned to movie streaming services which hold a large archive of movies in one place. These services have recently gained popularity due to the increased internet speeds and huge data plans. The streaming services have also made it their point to get the latest movies as fast as they can.

Plenty of services offer movies, reality shows, and the tv serials so that people can enjoy whatever they like, all at one place. This actually increased the number of online audience for the shows and serials too. Some examples of these type of services are YuppTV, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, etc.

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