Things you need to know about the Caesarean Section


Caesarean also known as C-section is one of the prime surgeries which is used for making sure that one or more babies are delivered in the safest manner. This type of section is done when there are some complication in the vaginal delivery and mother or baby is at the risk. Risk can be obstructed labor, high blood pressure problem, twin pregnancy, breech birth or even the umbilical cord to name a few. Of course this treatment is quick and has less risk involved but the doctor who performs it needs to be extremely experienced and knowledgeable in this field.

Know more about Caesarean section:

As said earlier, when there is any kind of complication involved in the natural delivery process, C section is done. This type of process is performed when the life of a baby or mother is at risk. As per World Health Organization, such type of process needs to be done depending on the medical requirement and in most of the cases it is the life saving solution for the new born and the baby. Furthermore, you need to also learn how Caesarean sections got their name to boost up your knowledge about it. This process usually takes 45 minutes and if there is more complication the time can go further more. It is done with the spinal block where the woman is either given general anesthesia or is awake under local anesthesia.

Know the C-section Evolution:

It does not matter whether the babies are born with the C-section process but this type of procedure has the enough results which gives mother desired power. It is quite rare that a mother dies during this process. But thanks to advancement in technology, the risk and death case associated with this treatment has reduced to a great extent. Of course as a part if recovery there are some antibiotics gives to reduce the life threatening infection and risk involved.  Otherwise, the treatment is completely safe and quick and the recovery process is not time taking too.

If you will have to undergo this type of process, your doctor may advise you about the same well in advance but in case, during pregnancy, if any complication arises then it is your family member who will be informed about the same and the process can further be done only after the approval of your family member. Most of the women in today’s time prefer to undergo C section rather than choosing traditional childbirth to avoid the pain. But it is advised only when doctor approves for the same.

Now that you are quiet clear with why is it called a cesarean makes sure you opt for this process only when your doctor advises and warns you about any kind of health risk or pregnancy complication. It is important that you speak with your doctor undertaking your case before you opt for such process. Certainly, it is the best possible way by which you can deal with the pregnancy complications. A mother would need a recovery time to get out of this phase but certainly further there are no future risks involved in it.

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