Many people use supplements for increasing the levels of testosterone in their body, one can increase the levels by changing their diet and then having good sleep. Even if this is not sufficient for increasing the levels, then one can go for supplements to boost the levels. One of the natural supplements is Maca which helps in boosting the levels of testosterone.

Natural testosterone boosters

For enhancing the muscles and for increasing the levels of testosterone many prefer to use natural supplements and testosterone boosters. The hormone therapies which are available are expensive and they have side effects. This is why many go for natural testosterone boosters. Few natural boosters work on people who are looking to increase the levels of testosterone for enhancing the mood and increase the muscle mass. Before starting any supplement check with a doctor and see if the supplement can be used as per the medical conditions. It is best to see the ingredients in it. For few people when the levels of testosterone are low and this is a sex hormone which helps in gaining muscle mass, developing male characteristics and deep voice. When the age increases the levels of testosterone production gradually decreases. The low level of testosterone is called Hypogonadism. The levels of testosterone can be check at a doctor in the blood test. The symptoms of low levels are low levels of energy, muscle mass reduces, there will be anaemia in the person due to low iron levels. The person will feel depressed and the body fat increases. When the levels are low then the person can use Maca which is a natural supplement which helps in enhancing the levels testosterone.

Benefits of using Maca

Maca is a root which is called as Ledidium Meyenii scientifically. This is grown in high altitude places like Peru and is a super food and is nutritious and has many antioxidants. This supplement is known as libido booster and it has the potential as aphrodisiac. Maca helps in boosting the levels of testosterone and the active ingredient which is in this is P- Methoxybenzyl Isothiocyanate. This offers the properties of aphrodisiac. Though this helps in boosting libido, the hormone levels are not impacted. One of the benefits of maca root is that it can help in boosting sexual health and libido.

Dosage of Maca for Men and Its Side effects

Any supplement must be used only after reading the instructions; the general dose which is recommended is to take Maca one tea spoon daily. The side effects of using Maca are not known but it is safe than any other anabolic steroid. The safe dosage is three grams of Maca each day for a cycle of four months. Women who are breast feeding or pregnant must not use Maca. If a person has ovarian cancer or breast cancer they must not use Maca powder as it can produce estrogen. Using natural supplements and testosterone boosters is always suggestive to enhance the muscles and to increasing the levels of testosterone.

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