Some Crucial Aspects Regarding Double Glazed Windows Enfield


The Double Glazed Windows Enfield are of very stylish quality and will provide your home great character and shape. We have got a new generation of double glazed windows that are highly functional and have a nice appearance without any requirement for costly maintenance. The new technologies utilized for making our windows enable us for great sound and also heat insulation and higher performance and utmost comfort.

Energy Efficiency

Our highly efficient double glazed units are made by making use of the most recent technology in glass and spacer units that enable heat produced from inside your home and also get some heat via solar gain. It enhances thermal performance of the windows. The energy saving properties can lead to lower heating expenses and also lessen the air pollution and also assist in preserving the ozone layer.

The double glazed windows Enfield have to great performance static and thermal insulation due to the Q-Lon gasket and also the multi chamber construction. The seal quality on your window is not compromised and provides the finest acoustic and thermal performance. The windows are designed to improve the acoustic and thermal performance by eradicating heat and sound transfer all around the frame.

The blend of the spacer, glazing and frame design in a window may led to reduction of noise levels and provides great protection from draughts and assists in improving the thermal efficiency.

We have a wide range of double glazed windows that are fitted with high security bolt window locks that make sure there is great protection for your home. We have made high quality locks of the best specifications for best practical performance and also weatherproofing and security to safeguard your home from the intruders.

We provide a wide range of options for our double glazed units and also standard bright white double glazed window units. Our double glazed windows are accessible in one sided and double sided wood like veneers and a vast variety of colours. One more benefit of our windows is their exceptional stability in colours.

Our windows are made and designed to reproduce and give a nice appearance to the English sash windows that were developed from use by an architect. We have got modern designs and construction techniques, great dimension of sash frames and also meeting rails and glazing bars with conventional moldings to suit the modern construction technology.

The sliding sashes are on the conventional sash cords and this implies that the frame has got a long time durability of some easy weights in the long term and requires less maintenance. The high insulation units have got glazing units that reduce the heat loss and the down draughts are lessened to some extent. The hardwood frames we provide are made to last for a longer time and tested in all the weather conditions. We are completely drained and vented. We have got solid brass or conventional or brass black fittings accessible. We have got sash lifts to bottom rail. We have got period ironmongery accessible with us.

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