Samsung Galaxy S9 will stand-alone for being best?


Do not be amiss to note that other company, like Apple will remain silent when Samsung will be launching its best smartphone to date, yes we are talking about Samsung Galaxy S9 release date.

Well, talking about the technologies of Galaxy S9 smartphone, Apple’s first head comes to applying these technologies only years later; they have no opportunity to do something like that. They are too far behind in development, and this is evident in almost every piece of iron. I have a very positive perception of the new flagship, and that America is well dispersed in the previous generation, says a lot about the changing orientations of people in crisis. The same S7 due to affordable price has become the most popular flagship, should iPhone 6s 16GB him. Selection of the three-year model for me remains a mystery, but the people see this as some kind of sense. But everything is changing, slowly and surely ordinary people realize that such quick charge in real life look like high-quality screens and why Android gives you the freedom to use. I have no doubt that the seventh generation of Galaxy will be very successful, there are all preconditions, the device turned out interesting.

The cost of the S8, which is the most affordable of the last generation flagship, the price has not changed in comparison with the way out S7 year ago. Select, as an alternative to this unit can be S8 EDGE. If you don’t want to settle now then wait for Galaxy S9. Given that the S8 EDGE comes at the price of 1000 USD, it can be considered an additional charge for a bigger screen, a better battery and image component. Choose between S8 and S8 the EDGE obvious, I like the older model, it looks interesting. Another thing is that maybe you follower more compact size next year in form of Galaxy S9.

But as the final words I can say that the Samsung model turned out that above the competition on its head, and they are not just sturdy, it is the best there is on the market today. And no compromises for Samsung Galaxy S9 will be done.

It’s hard to be an expensive flagship smartphone if we consider Apple on the side. So much filth flies from the lips of those who you want but cannot afford, and the same amount of excessive delights hear from you paid for and now to justify the money spent for Galaxy S9.

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