Putting together the marketing to raise awareness of diseases


There are few marketing campaigns that create awareness on the importance of health. We have to remember that the health and care are also of advertising, it is important that as a physician health care professional know the different campaigns that remind us of the risks of not having a healthy life.

It is amazing to see how in every meter of a street where normally we went to newspapers in the company of our children, that all listings and advertisements in it, only advertise products that do not help the health, products such as:

  • Coca-cola (2×1)
  • McDonald
  • Burger King
  • Ice cream
  • Etc

But, we do not see any ad that says

  1. “It is important that you take care of your health and the health of your family, get a check to the heart”
  2. “Take a check to prevent breast cancer
  3. “Select the best foods to eat in the day and avoid the weight and the metabolic system malfunction”
  4. “Remember to go to the medical consultation it is important to safeguard your health.”
  5. “Next week the medical center “…” will be organizing a walk to help patients with alzheimer’s disease and invites you to join this campaign.

None of these things you can see them in a public propaganda and much less in the digital media. It is for this reason that we say that the market of health and medicine professional is a virgin territory, where none of those responsible to make use of this land is doing something to fill it and meet the needs of the world.

Do you know how many diseases exist in the world and that many people suffer? Million illnesses and many times the other half of the population do not know them. The doctors who are entering the world of digital marketing should talk on their blogs of the causes, symptoms, prevention and cure of certain diseases.

Our DevicePharm digital marketing agency is at the service of all physicians, hospitals, health centers, etc. to help them create a campaign for the prevention of diseases or any other type of campaigns that help them to achieve the objectives of their companies or businesses.

It is very important that we put hands to the work with this type of medical projects or campaigns that will help to inform the population that they exist. Contact us now through e-mails and phone numbers available on this website.

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