Pro Chem Labs Anavar Buyers Guider – Authentic or NOT


Prochem Anavar is a very popular medication which helps in promoting growth in boys. This is mainly prescribed for those who are delayed in their growth at their adolescence. In this case Anavar is really helpful in enhancing the growth and gains. Its effectiveness has been studied and proved by many studies that Anavar’s effectiveness can be compared to that of growth hormone.

Many studies have proved that Anavar is not able to change the half life of growth hormone, frequency of bursts, or even growth hormone’s secretion duration. It can only enhance the quantity of growth hormone in the body. Just a 2.5 mg of prochem Anavar can result in significant shift in nitrogen balance.

0.125 mg to 2.5 mg per kg bodyweight of Anavar is used by bodybuilders. But there is lack of information on effectiveness of Anavar when it is taken at a dose of more than 1.1 mg per kg of bodyweight. The optimum dose recommended by Europe bodybuilding coaches is between 0.25 mg – 0.5 mg. majority of the bodybuilders have found great results when they have consumed a dose of 10 mg- 80mg a day. Female bodybuilders can use half of the dose which is recommended for male bodybuilders. You can order from ProChem Laboratories here.


There are many uses of Anavar like it can be used in sports which involves strength, cycling, field and track races.  

Since Anavar comes with very low androgenicity, prochem Anavar reviews claim that Anavar is becoming very popular among female athletes and bodybuilders. Even when taken at highest dose like 80 mg a day, majority of the users have not experienced any toxicity on liver. This is the reason Anavar is also recommended safe for individuals who are suffering from cirrhosis.

Side Effects of prochem Anavar:

There is no risk for male users regarding shutting down of pituitary  gonadal axis. It will not even effect or reduce the production of either sperm or testosterone. So Anavar is used and the great choice when it comes to tapering off steroid usage. At this point bodybuilders can use the dosage of 30 mg a day.

Every five days they must reduce the dose by 2.5 mg. this must be continued until they come to know that the body is producing testosterone at normal levels. On effects of Anavar on blood lipids is more than expected. Females may experience few side effects like excessive body and facial hair, enlarged clitoris, deepening of the voice, and acne.

Gastrointestinal issues are very rare with the use of Anavar. So in very few cases users may experience nausea, diarrhea, suppressed appetite, feelings of fullness. When it comes to treating Turner’s syndrome in girls, Anavar is said to be very effective compared to growth hormone. This is one of the medical conditions where individual experience delay in growth.

Usually testosterone enanthate is used for breaking down subcutaneous fat at abdomen. Amny users have reported that prochem Anavar is more effective than testosterone enenthate for this purpose. It is very effective when it comes to breaking down visceral fat also.

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