Merapi Adventure in Yogyakarta: A Short Getaway from Daily Life


Do you wish to experience a short getaway but have no idea where to visit? Then joining Mount Merapi adventure in Yogyakarta may be a good solution for you. Situated in the northern part of Yogyakarta, Mount Merapi is approximately twenty eight kilometers from the middle of the Yogyakarta city. This mountain provides variety of things to do that will offer a huge help in relieving your stresses after non-stop workloads. This article will give some information about tourist attraction around Mount Merapi.

The following list will describe several interesting activities around Mount Merapi. Those are:

  • Exploring Mount Merapi: visiting Mount Merapi allows you to enjoy the marvelous views caused by the most recent eruption of the mountain in 2010. These views help us realized how powerless we are compared to the nature. This challenging and educational adventure helps us to be more appreciative to the life we currently have. It will also increase the awareness about what may happen in the future as we cannot predict when the nature will go rampage again.


  • Riding jeeps: in Mount Merapi, there is a famous off-road tours called lava tour. In this tour, you will ride a jeep for 4 people and the journey will begin at dusty path with many rocks along the ravines. The driver will bring you to experience numerous slopes, but it depends on the characteristics of their passengers. If you bring any children of elders, they will bring you to flatter and lesser obstacles tracks. They will bring you to a small museum named “Sisa Hartaku” or translated literally as My Remaining Treasure. This museum was created from the remains of the eruption of the mountain in 2010. It also provides details about the actual impacts from the disaster.


  • Taking pictures in front of Alien Stone: Alien Stone is a unique large stone located in Mount Merapi area that has extraordinary resemblance to human face carved on the large stone naturally. Every side of the stone has different resemblance to different human faces. Your tour guide will explain you about the origin and the story of the stone. You are able to take pictures at each side of the stone. After this destination, the driver of the jeep will let you experience off-road tracks to induce your adrenaline rush, passing through small rivers and rocky roads. Before joining this tour, it is advised to bring some masks because of the dusty nature.


  • Going into a bunker: this destination allow you to see an underground bunker was originally used as protection during the eruption. But back then there were 2 volunteers ended up dead after hiding in a bunker during the occurrence of pyroclastic clouds due to its very high temperature. Even after being situated three meters underground and layered with 25 cm thick iron, the bunker still couldn’t handle the extra heat.

You are able to enjoy this tour anytime. You just need to give a call to tour providers to manage your tour and have fun with the awesome experience of adventures in Mount Merapi!

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