Make Good with Economical Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India


The quality of medical care in India has risen appreciably over the past few years. This has prompted many foreigners to come to India for their medical treatment. Need for medical treatment arises when one is afflicted by a disease or suffers damage due to external injury.

Need for knee replacement surgery

We see many people in need of replacement of the knee. This surgery is known as knee arthroplasty. The need for this procedure occurs when the person becomes unable to carry out his or her daily tasks due to the pain. The surgeon in the process of the surgery will replace the damaged parts of the knee joint with artificial parts. This will alleviate the pain and help the person achieve full functionality of the limbs.

Cost and alternatives to surgery

The cost of knee replacement surgery in India is comparably low and this adds to the allure of having the knee surgery in India. Qualified surgeons are always on call and the best treatment is offered to those who want to have their surgery in India. But, many patients may not need the total knee replacement surgery. The alternatives to total knee replacement surgery is as follows:

  • Osteotomy
  • Arthroscopy
  • Knee fusion
  • Cartilage transplantation
  • Specialized braces
  • Uni-compartmental arthroplasty

Risks associated with knee surgery

You do have a certain amount of risk associated with knee replacement surgery. These risks will happen in most of the medical procedures but if the hospital where you have the surgery is good, you have nothing to fear. Most of the hospitals in Indian metros have greater than 95% success record. Here are the risks one might have to face:

  • Stiffness
  • Loosening
  • Infection
  • Osteolysis

The stiffness will gradually go away as one does the physiotherapy exercises. This will take at least two to three weeks. There is a chance that the joint may become loose and this will need more treatment. The chance of infection is always present but in good recognised hospitals, the chances of infection is minimal. The chances that the person who underwent surgery will develop more wear in the knee leading to the degeneration of the knee joint is always possible.

Plan the cost for the surgery

The breakdown of the knee replacement surgery cost India offers will be like this. First, you have the prosthesis followed by the surgeon charges. You must add the hospital costs and the cost of medication. The costs are likely to go up if you must stay for rehabilitation and you have one or two people accompanying you. Other than this you must bear the costs of food.

The cost for a total knee replacement (TKR) will be about 15% higher than that of the partial knee replacement (PKR) procedure. In the United States, you must pay $49,500 for the TKR whereas in India this will cost you $8,400 only. This is just the hospital costs.

After you have had the surgery, you need to rest in the hospital for a couple of days, that may sometimes be a week or more. They will instruct you in the series of physiotherapy exercises to rehabilitate your knee. You will have full knee functionality within three weeks.

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