Know More AboutNatural HGH


Human Growth Hormone or commonly referred as HGH is responsible for growth in human beings. This hormone is generally produced in the pituitary gland. Also the glands called endocrine glands has good effect on muscle,bone and growth of other parts of the body. Endocrine glands are closely associated with central nervous system because they are responsible for how we behave, think and react. Among various hormones produced by pituitary glands somatropin isone important hormone that’s also called as HGH. The main function of this hormone is to stimulate growth of bones and tissues.

DNA recombinant technology

While we saw about the body producing natural HGH there are artificial process to stimulate this growth hormone outside the human body. Understanding the behavior of these products and effects it has on human system is highly required before consuming these products. The production of these hormones is artificially done by DNA recombinant technology. In this technology a specific gene or pieces of DNA are combined with other pairs to make the end product with the desired result. Insulin was the first product to be produced using this method in 1970’s.  Recombinant DNA – made somatropin is mainly used for medication to induce growth in children where their pituitary glands fail to work as per design. This product can be diffused into the body through various methods – injections, pills, etc. These products directly diffuse into our cells and transfer the effective ingredients into our blood stream directly. Our blood cells then absorb these products and helps in stimulating the artificial process step wise.

How safe is this product?

While this product is artificially produced dosages define how safe this product is. The common name of this hormone pills suggested by a doctor is called as somatropin. The most common product that uses this HCG that are popular are Norditropin and Omnitrope. As the ingredients in this product diffuse into our blood stream we can see tremendous results within few weeks of usage. However, ithas to be kept in mind that any process that is artificially induced inside our  body working system may cause harmful effects if not done in a controlled process. These products when taken for medication will have to be taken in doses as prescribed by physician. We also see these products are being used by body builders and athletes for a short period of time while they start burning fat to build a toned physique. They will have to be doubly cautious in using these products. Not only these  products are considered illegal, but on the screening test if the professionals turn positive for use of this product, they may be banned for lifetime. Also, these products will have to be taken in time cyclic intervals and cannot be taken like normal medication. So a prescription along with usage guidelines will be good to use this product.

Somatropin usage and effects

Not only this recombinant DNA-made Somatropin provide toned body, but also increases protein synthesis, accelerates recovery times between workouts, provides additional physical stamina and many more benefits. Most of these products though banned in many countries, it is not considered illegal if used with prescription. Usage and dosage will have to be decided by the physician based on what condition it is being used. Contolled usage produces good results for our body.

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