How to choose Prom Dresses and Succeed


How to dress your prom party is an essential question for an event that will undoubtedly remain in your memory and that of your family and friends. Today we will share with you some necessary rules when choosing this type of wardrobe.

Define The Schedule

The first thing you should keep in mind is that, immediately after the ceremony, there’s the party; you should opt for a sensual look but with the stylish touch of a gala atmosphere. For the accessories, delimit the event, in this case, take into account the time, place and day before choosing them.

If Prom date is near the corner this summer, we recommend light fabrics and designs that give plenty of room for dancing moves, such as the Blush Backless High Slit Sleeveless Prom Dress by JVN. It is a beautiful design of smooth color, thin straps, slit at the height of the leg and halter style neckline; looks flawless with a wavy hairstyle (make Queen B proud).

Beyond The Dress

You can wear an outfit divided into two pieces that will also be appropriate for this occasion. It’s true, not all designer brands have this option, but one of the best choices we have found has been JVN. This fashion giant has been dedicated for almost thirty years to accompany the woman on every crucial event; has launched its most recent line for Prom Dresses in two pieces such as the ethereal White / Multi Floral Two-Piece Dress.

This dress with lace in the bodice area and high neck will make you look marvelous, thanks also to its light and pleated skirt with a smooth and silky fabric full of floral details.

I Like Big Curves, And I Can not Lie

If you want to add curves and some volume to the lower part of your silhouette, dresses or skirts with flare, A cuts or pleats will undoubtedly be an excellent decision. Delicate prints are also a good option, they can be as eye-catching as you want – or the school allows- while exuding good taste. An example is the Black and White High-Low Party, of the same European brand. Its extended pattern on the back and opening at the front is a must for glowing legs.

If, instead, you want to reduce the volume to your body and look more stylized, choose dresses or skirts in a straight cut; also empire cut dresses will help you disguise the abdomen and wide hips.

Comfort Delight

According to InStyle’s 15 Dresses We’d Wear If We Were Going to Prom Again, if after the party you have planned a meeting with friends, the idea is to choose a comfortable and glamorous dress, so you can enjoy prom as you deserve!

  • -f the event is during the day, leave aside high brightness and sequins, opt for light and sober colors.
  • Keep in mind some tones for your wardrobe according to your skin tone, remember that for this you must keep in mind the time of the event:
  • If you have fair complexion with cold skin tone (pinker than yellow on your skin), opt for dark shades with a blue base, such as black, navy blue, emerald green, and silver. Like the Teal Fitted High Slit Strapless Sweetheart Neck that has a long mermaid cut with which you’ll feel on the red carpet.
  • If you have dark skin with a warm undertone, opt for earth colors such as beige, red wine, olive green, coral, and gold. If the event is at night, you can add a blazer in a dark tone to your look. As an example, we have found the design Dark Blush Key Hole Neck Side Cut Outs Jersey Prom Dress, with side openings and a beautiful lace on the torso, perfect to contrast with melanin goddesses.

Always remember: On this particular date, dress to feel confident; there is more than one dress for every girl.


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