Blue Jeans – The Quintessential American Clothing


No American clothing creation has traveled further and been adopted by the people of more countries than denim blue jeans.  They were invented by Jacob W. Davis and patented by his partner Levi Strauss on May 20, 1873.  Here are some interesting facts about Blue Jeans.

The word “jeans” comes from the origins of the denim material in Genoa, Italy. This heavy, densely woven fabric is strong enough to last for years, even through heavy usage.  Another word for jeans is “Dungaree.”  It was first mentioned in the 1600’s. It was an inexpensive rough cotton cloth. It was usually white or blue and was worn by poor people in the Bombay, India region, in a village called Dongri. This is the origin of the name. These sturdy pants became popular in England, when they were imported during colonial times.

The blue color came from indigo dye from India. However, synthetic dyes, invented in Germany eventually replaced the plant-based dyes. This development allowed for more even coloring and less fading.

Blue jeans really came into their own when the gold rush hit in California in the mid-1800s. A German immigrant, Levi Strauss, had a dry good store in San Francisco. This is where gold miners bought their supplies, before heading into the mountains to seek their fortunes. Their pants could not stand up to the rigors of mining. Strauss saw a need for stronger pants. So he and his partner, Jacob Davis, patented a new innovation, the process of adding rivets to the seams to the pans, in key areas, to prevent them from coming apart. Since then, the “Levi’s” name has become synonymous with blue jean pants.

Blue jeans made their way into popular culture all over the world. They are one of history’s most popular clothing lines. The rough and rugged Levi’s now have much competition from jeans from hundreds of companies. The denim material is now made more soft and comfortable, like the styles at Made Well.  With every fit and cut imaginable, from skinny legs, to boot cuts, to bell bottoms, there is a pair to fit every body and everybody’s taste.

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