Add Spice on Your Plate with Diverse Snacks


When you are in India or you are talking about the cuisines and taste of this country; you get everything from complete meals to delicious snacks. There are different types of snacks that are popular in this diverse country.  be it scrumptious Bread Paneer Rolls, MethilPakoda, Garlic Cheese Bread, Potato Bajji, Spicy TawaIdli, BhelPuri, Masala Paniyaram, AlooTikkis, cutlets, Samosa and Kachori or any other snack; you can make the most of them if you know how to cook.

Diversity and Scrumptiousness

Come on, once you know how to make different types of snacks, you can make all the kitty parties, evening teas and breakfasts scrumptious. If you want to have a look at different types of popular Indian snacks, have a look below:

BhelPuri: Apart from tasty Samosa, the most popular snack is BhelPuri. The beauty of Bhelpuri is that it is extremely low fat snack.  You can enjoy this crispy, delicious and spicy dish anywhere in the country. The most attractive thing about BhelPuri is that it can easily be prepared in home that too within a few minutes.  The diversity of India is such that the taste of this same dish Bhelpuri differs in different states of this country. For example, in north India, Bhelpuri is usually dry and in South India Bhelpuri is formed of blending a liquid Masala. But you need not to skip any of them because both types are distinct and scrumptious in themselves.

PavBhaji: The mix of east and west is PavBhaji. Pav stands for Bun and Bhaji stands for vegetables.  This dish is catered with onion and lemon. It taste extremely delectable with Butter and in case you prepare it in home, you can snuggle your favourite vegies in this Bhaji. So, you must not skip this amazing dish of India that is popular in almost all the states of this country.

Masala Dosa:South Indian Masala Dosa is not just popular in India, but it is popular and cherished in America and Europe too.  This tasty dish is catered with Coconut Chutney and Potato vegetable. You can find different varieties in this dosa. These dosas have made a great place in the kitchens of most of the Indians, irrespective of area or corner.

Cutlets:Talking about cutlets, they are small, boneless scrumptious cut of meat that can easily be used in a huge variety of snacks. Cutlets are generally cooked whole, and as they are extremely small, they get cooked quickly and incline to be tender as well. Most of the butchers make cutlets in a gamut of meats like chicken, lamb, pork and veal.  Moreover, if you are a vegetarian individual, you need not to feel disheartened. You can easily find vegetarian versions of cutlets too. These are generally made-up from seitan and soy. If you want to know how to make cutlet as mentioned,you can refer recipe websites, and you can come up with as many varieties as you want.

So, these were just a few popular snacks of India. You must not miss these out. After all, these snacks can make your breakfast, evenings and kitties extremely scrumptious

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