10 Tips To Stay Positive Amid All The Negativity

Contrary to what you may be told, good things are actually a lot more common. Due to the amount of attention and discussion that negative experiences tend to create, you will be more likely to find out about negative things happening around you. In fact, you may even be on the receiving end of these negative things.
1. Find solace in the simple good things
Say you are scrolling through your social media feed. It is going to be a common sight for you to be told that there is something bad happening around the world. You may even think that more negative things happen nowadays compared to before. However, that is never the case. In fact, statistics show that there are more things to be positive about, they just never stick in the news. That’s why whenever you stumble upon something that uplifts you, try to cherish it and share it.
2. Be the start of positivity
If everything around you encourages negativity, try to be the spark of positivity. Do not damage yourself by consuming negative things. Let only things that can enhance positivity.
3. Ask questions that lead to positivity
Whenever something happens, there are only two paths: positive and negative. Let’s say that you learn about an accident with which multiple vehicles were involved. Instead of delving on the negative, ask about the uplifting facts.
4. Remind others of the positive things
When those around you have a positive outlook on life, then you will find it easier to maintain the positivity that you are striving for.
5. Try to find a silver lining
There is always a silver lining to things no matter how negative those things may be. When you are fired from your work, know that you at least improved certain skills while you were there.
6. Avoid ill-defined fears from holding you back
You are going to have a tough time trying to take risks when you are in constant fear of things that may not happen in the first place.
7. It’s always all-or-something
An unhealthy outlook in life is thinking that not succeeding means that something is a complete failure. There is always something for you to redeem yourself with.
8. Strengthen your faith
Your faith is the most important thing if you want to stay positive. Not having faith leads you astray from your healthy goals. Join churches such as Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and participate in prayer meetings.
9. Be encouraged with criticism
Do not think of criticism as insult. Instead, find it in yourself to accept the ideas that those around you have. Use their ideas to improve yourself as you go forward.
10. Do not be intimidated
Trying to stay positive and power through all the negativity may be intimidating for people. We are now more connected. Actually, more so than ever. Staying positive through good times and bad times is paramount. Having a positive outlook in life is healthy in the long run because you are not constantly bombarding yourself with negative thoughts.
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